Easter….Spring equinox

Easter is a mix of many paegan customs and Christan customs. What gets me is how we follow a bunny laying eggs without question…At least question why it’s like that. Lol. Ostra is the goddess of spring. She was a beautiful bird that laid eggs for rebirth. The old crone winter was terribly jealous of ostra and in rage turned her into a rabbit. Rabbits are always fearful now watching for the old crone winter. Christ was crucified in the spring but we don’t think it was on the equinox… The time when the sun and the dark are in equal length for a day. But we do know it was in the spring because of the time on land being born. Either way Jesus death is a symbol of our rebirth through his blood letting. In the old testiment they sacrifice lambs for their blood letting to ask for great rebirth of fields and babies. Also natural law says that the sun is bringing rebirth, to the fields me babies new visions… Tell me your Easter stories and traditions in your families……

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